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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Jun 30, 2021

While other speakers and consultants theorize about leadership, high achievement and organizational Excellence, Captain William ‘T’ Thompson is one of those rare and unique individuals who have actually lived it.

With numerous business and leadership honors, Captain William 'T' Thompson has been a frontline problem...

Jun 23, 2021

Chef Lazarius “Ken” Walker has been putting his
own twist on traditional recipes since the age of 12.
His mom taught him to “get up, get out and stay
hungry”. Ever since, the 33 year-old entrepreneur has
been committed to doing just that — from working in
local restaurants as an early teenager to being...

Jun 20, 2021

Entrepreneurs aren’t made. They’re born. Brian Joubert is a testament to that. Even as a child, the New Orleans native showed that he was a natural-born leader and a businessman, a winning combination that’s been successful for both him and the many small businesses he serves through his budding tax services...

Jun 18, 2021

Sonya Battle founded The Teacher's Resource in August of 2020 out of a desire to provide much-needed support and self-care for teachers


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Jun 16, 2021

Hannah Kain is President & CEO of Alom, a Supply Chain Company. Operating out of 19 global locations, we innovate and implement technology-driven supply chains. We help our customers pamper their end-users by ensuring that each order, no matter how complex or challenging, is executed flawlessly and delivered when and...