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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Aug 22, 2018

Kompass Events, App to share local events, Keith Wilson CEO + Founder 

Expert marketing executive and tech startup founder used his skills and knowledge to develop KOMPASS events. 

Kompass is an event sharing platform known as the "Waze and Yelp of events" that utilizes community sourced real time event mapping. A talented young marketer with experience in Fortune 10 sales, brand management product development and global strategy, Keith is a collaborative leader with the experience in facilitating lean start-up business approaches and agile product lifecycle actions that result in enhanced profitability and traction.

Who can use the App: Host Businesses (big or small) looking to communicate their latest deals!  Event Promoters looking to spread the word on their upcoming festivals, parties, concerts, etc. Casual event goers looking to share the love with unique events typically reserved for "very special people" GUEST Avid travelers who often find themselves in new places with no idea of what's going on in the city.  Locals who seem to always ask the age old question of "What's going on this weekend?"