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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Sep 20, 2017

Mondo Davidson, The Black Tech Guy, St. Paul, Minn.  Startup (MyBarJar), A Father on a mission to inspire a generation of black males to consider a life in technology. 

Have you every had a friend that was getting married and you were unable to attend the bachelor or bachelorette party yet you wanted to make a big showing for their special event? MyBarJar is that App that will do this and much more. Our guest Mondo Davidson, known as the Black Tech Guy is the brains behind this brilliant App. Besides living in St. Pauls, Minnesota he spends his past time inspiring and encouraging kids to dream smarter.  His passion is STEM and his talks center around more kids majoring in STEM. MyBarJar is an app that allows your friends to pick up your bar tab for your special occasion, birthdays, weddings, bachelor party. It is simply gifting friends made easy with this APP.