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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Sep 25, 2019

Amy Oraefo, Owner and Managing Entertainment Attorney at AOPC, a Boutique Law Firm  + Huff Post Writer/Contributor. 

Amy Oraefo, P.C. is a boutique law firm which focuses on the areas of Corporate Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Business Strategy.  At the firm, we offer a wide range of transactional law services including contract review, drafting, negotiation, entity formations, and legal consultation.  Our law practice provides its clients with quality and efficient legal advice in order to adequately prepare each client to succeed within one of their greatest assets— their business.  At Amy Oraefo, P.C., we are as committed to providing high quality services as we are dedicated to educating our clients so that they can thrive in their respective industries. Resource: AOPClawfirm website