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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Sep 30, 2020



Muyinza Kasirye is Owner of APRT Media, Entrepreneur Musician + Artist.

What’s become crucial for any artist or brand at any level in 2020 is consistency. Our goal is to be able to not only write a song, do a photo shoot or produce video with you but to create a story and in turn an audience for what you do. With so much noise on the media landscape, in order for an artist or brand to carve out space, it’s important that their fans and/or prospective fans be hearing and seeing them with some sort of consistency. Nowadays it’s almost a must for an artist or brand to give fans a content driven narrative to follow. With Youtube, Instagram and Facebook video viewership taking over traditional television, as an artist and/or brand, you’re essentially a TV channel. That being the case, you want your viewers to come to your channel and find something new as often as possible. That’s what creates, solidifies and grows the connection between an artist or brand and its fans, audience and possible customers. We’re here to aid in that process so you can stay focused on what is most important: your art and brand.

We offer different levels of recording, photo, video and branding services depending upon your needs and can arrange and provide at all levels.