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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Sep 16, 2020

Greg Hendricks is a former professional basketball athlete having played overseas in six different Countries, as well as coached in the NBA as a volunteer assistant with the Seattle Supersonics. Greg Hendricks was a great basketball player. He competed at the NCAA Division I level, played professionally for nearly a decade and was the second-leading scorer in Brazil while sharing the floor with several current NBA players.He presided as Head Coach of a High School Basketball team in Washington State. Hendricks was a volunteer assistant, working out with players like Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and Luke Ridnour. Greg was President and Director of a non-profit based out of Nigeria Africa called the Ejike Ugboaja Foundation. Greg was a member of the Advisory Board of The Olivia Hudson Foundation.  For five years Greg was living out of state in Washington and going to Africa every summer to run basketball camps, and helping kids come to America to get Christian educations and go to college. He has participated in many charity events including speaking engagements in the U.S. and abroad. Organizations and engagements such as the Hope Leadership foundation, sports camps / prisons in the Philippines, Rock Church events, and Chapels for WNBA & NBA franchises.