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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Nov 27, 2020

"I started my legal career at the world’s largest law firm where I counseled and represented Fortune 200 companies on all aspects of trademark law.  After working at a big law firm for several years, I transitioned to a smaller reputable intellectual property boutique law firm and did the same kind of work.  Although I loved the work that I did and the awesome clients I served, I realized that I was not a fan of the traditional law firm or billable hour model, and neither were my clients. Therefore, I launched my own law practice, Radiance IP Law, to offer big law firm expertise and experience to small and emerging businesses at a fraction of the cost."  

"I focus my dynamic practice on trademark law.  I've been recognized as a leader in the intellectual property law field and the legal community both locally and nationally.  Unlike other attorneys, I offer unique flat rate options that allow my clients to get more work for less money than if they were paying me by the hour.  Can you believe that my hourly rate used to be as high as $600.00 an hour at one point? I know, it sounds outrageous. That's not the case anymore at Radiance IP Law.   I am able to deliver quality Big Law-caliber services to my clients for less money."