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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Jul 14, 2021

"Allen and Subriana Pierce, an African American entrepreneurial couple whose company, Navigator Sales & Marketing, connects grocery retailers with small business owners that sell their own line of packaged foods, household items, etc. Their company is a food and beverage broker with product representation in over 15,000 stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Ralphs, Food Lion, Whole Foods, Stater Bros, Kroger, and more."


“We connect retailers with brands from this growing network and lead minority relationship consultations to ensure these brands are well-supported through each retailers’ system. With these tailored solutions, we will see an increase in three key areas: the presence and exposure of under-represented entrepreneurs, the number of qualified CPG entrepreneurs, and the successful integration of minority-owned brands into the marketplace,” says Subriana.

Their company mentors businesses for success, provides access to financing, and connects them to investors, tech and supply chain resources aimed at growing minority and women-owned businesses in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Products industries.

Allen comments, “We are committed to combating systemic racism, and are devoting more of our time, platform, and resources to uplifting the Black, brown and women business owners.”

Interested business owners are encouraged to apply at

The Foundation

Most of the company's plans to create opportunities for Black and minority entrepreneurs are being orchestrated through their charitable arm, Navigator Lighthouse Foundation, which provides the pathway to product sales that would otherwise struggle to achieve relative to the major CPG and other consumer brands.