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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Oct 20, 2021

Alex Schrecengost Founder of "Virtual With Us saw an opportunity to fill the workplace need by building, connecting, and organizing an exclusive, high-quality network of sommeliers that companies could tap into for a valuable and interactive cocktail hour and offer employees the opportunity to refresh, engage and strengthen teams as well as client/prospect relationships–all, while also providing much-needed jobs and income to the hospitality industry that had essentially collapsed amidst the lockdowns.

Virtual With Us comes to you in a fun, informative, and interactive package more akin to hanging out at a restaurant — complete with the banter and personal interactions we’ve all been missing. The concept will of course evolve back to in-person experiential opportunities in the years to come, and those concepts are being built out from exclusive corporate trips, pop-up dining experiences, and beyond.


Website:  Virtual With Us


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