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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Nov 18, 2020

Christopher has been a serial entrepreneur for over 40 years. From each business, he has carried away more and more knowledge to not only make the next endeavor a success but along the way learn how to begin to share his knowledge with others.  

His present company is in digital marketing with a focus on lead generation.  But his real passion is teaching others, “How to Make the Chamber of Commerce Your #1 Business Partner”. 

When he began his marketing agency over 15 years ago, he had just moved to a new town, did not know anyone and had to find a way to establish himself quickly. He happened to go to a meeting with the local Chamber, realized all his prospects were right in front of him and never looked back. After 2 years, his agency had more than an 80% referral rate and never had to market in any other way but by using the Chamber. 

He now consults with Chamber member as well a Chamber Leaders throughout the US. In addition, he will be releasing an on-line course “Chamber Mastery” which has all of the techniques he used for rapid success. 

To learn even more, visit his Facebook Group, “Local Chamber Influencers”.