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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Nov 19, 2019

Shop Black Week (SBW) encourages all consumers across the country to conduct business with at least one African American-owned establishment from November 22 through November 29 (the actual Black Friday date). The following video explains all about it.

Why have a single Black Friday to launch the holiday season buying power?

The week-long event allows more opportunities for people to purchase goods, products, or services from African American vendors or retailers.

The campaign has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of participants due to the outreach extends from coast to coast, with more than 100 organizations and Black press serving as springboards for SBW with their followers and subscribers on social media. Over the weekend, SBW had a phenomenal sweep.

As a show of solidarity in this movement, participants are requested to register on The hashtag marking this historical moment, #ShopBlackWeek and #SBW2019 and let everyone know about your purchase.

For businesses, organizations and individual supporters who want to participate or want more information, visit to view the organizations participating in this historic campaign.