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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Aug 29, 2018

Classy Technology, Michigan based business owner, young entrepreneur, marketing professional devoted to volunteering and supporting her local community. 

Abi Togunde, founder of Classy Technology based in Michigan provides technology consulting services for its clients. Lead Generation specialist focusing on local businesses coaching, guiding, consulting and providing creative digital marketing strategies. She helps with new clients 

Classy Technology’s services are extremely helpful for local businesses owners because it’s important that they know how to survive in today’s busy and fast-paced digital world. From creating a dynamic web presence, marketing your business online, managing customer orders, and utilizing creative methods to connect with customers– there is a lot to do. Technology won’t guarantee the success of a business. The business owner needs a viable business idea. But technology can help them reach more people and grow their customer base faster. It can help them simplify or automate their business processes, so they have more time. And using the wrong products or struggling to understand tech or marketing strategies is wasting time and costing money. That’s  where we come in. 

Classy Technology is able to design technology systems & strategies that are simple, attractive, and beneficial for you. 

What makes us different is how we approach technology, as well as how we execute our projects. We call ourselves “The Technology Stylists.”   We support and style technology for our clients by:selecting the perfect “technology wardrobe” (finds the right systems, tools, and strategies) for them, so their business looks and operates fabulously.