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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Aug 25, 2021

Tracey Pugh, Owner of Socially Wize, a social-skills coaching service for kids that is all about building confidence! She is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, and mother. Social Skills & Academic Coaching, Social Skills help you connect the dots on relationships and development. 




Aug 19, 2021

Lift and carry household items easier with the Handle and Haul Moving System. Inventor Joseph Porche, Jr.  was mentored by Daymond John of Shark Tank. 


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Aug 18, 2021

“In a typical year, black business owners are rejected for loans from traditional sources two and half times more often than Caucasian business owners. We want to do our part to stabilize this important economic sector in the communities we serve,” said  Lorenzo Clark, Vice President of Inside Sales for Kinetic...

Aug 18, 2021

In Her Words: Founder Alicia Garner, Kulture Elevation Inc. came to me in a dream when I lived in the St. Thomas Virgin Islands about five years ago. In that dream, I saw a logo. I didn't know what the symbol meant or what the company's name was going to be, but I knew one day I would embark on the journey of being...

Aug 11, 2021

Bianca Banks, actress and former star of Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo, who has now started her own podcast platform titled The MND Show which is streamed through Dash Radio. Bianca hosts the show alongside her daughter, Jasmine Shannon. Jasmine is a professional dancer and choreographer who has danced for the NBA, and...