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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Mar 15, 2021

Brianna Wise is CEO and Co-Founder of The Black Apothecary Office (BAO). 

BAO is a new concept model accelerator for Black and Latinx creators, collaborators, and disruptors in the beauty and wellness space. BAO works intensively with start-up brands providing them with the tools to get in the best possible shape to build a viable business, pitch investors, and bring a product to market. 

Our program is specifically created to aid in beauty and wellness brand development for startups. Our focus is to further enhance your brand through impactful strategic guidance, while problem-solving, giving your company the resources needed to succeed.

Upon acceptance, startups receive all necessary on-boarding. After graduating, the brand will be able to apply for financial aid.

Our Monthly Giveaway: 

To download your copy click the link provided or DM Brianna on Instagram @briwisestyle the words Ultimate Guide.


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