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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Jun 26, 2019

Barrett LaRoda Jr, also known as Bear, is a 23 year old entrepreneur that currently is the President of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. He has worked on numerous television shows for networks such as: BET, CBS, & ABC. In the same aspect of entertainment, his resumé also consists of putting together large scale concerts, consisting of an audience of 10,000+ people. That of which include, The Trinidad & Tobago Jazz Festival, Monsters CES Heal The World Benefit Concert, Westlake?s BlueSun Music Festival, & also the Grammys 60th Anniversary Motown Tribute. He?s also the son of Barrett LaRoda, who is recognized not only for his impact in the music industry for working along side legends such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross etc. but for being an Expert?s Expert in Intellectual Property with an emphasis on Impacting the Black Community.