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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Nov 25, 2020

Founded in 1996, Will Power Integrated Marketing was founded by 25-year beauty industry and Salon owner Wil Shelton. Will Power Integrated Marketing is a full- service experimental, event activation agency specializing in the beauty/barber industry.
Wil’s vision for Wil Power Integrated Marketing was born of hard-won experience. He knew a different kind of agency was needed-a firm that takes a holistic and integrated approach towards promoting salons, stylists and barbers, while consistently over-delivering on value and responsiveness.
Shelton feels that it's important for brands to have multicultural divisions or arms because most brands are setting up multicultural departments.
Wil Power Integrated Marketing is positioned in more than 40 urban markets nationwide (with well-established business relationships with over 100,000 African American salons and barbershop nationwide and the ability to reach over 100 million consumers annually.
The agency provides a means to maximize a brand's overall marketing through timely, strategic product placement and with lucrative sales results that follow. This network allows for a brand message to be displayed in store where these shops are excellent venues to distribute coupons, customized product placement, product sampling, window posters and merchandising opportunities as well as advertising optimization, social media outreach, target marketing research, in-venue merchandising and more.